July 16, 2024

Company Culture At The Yarn Bazaar: Promoting Collaboration And Creativity In Our Workplace

In today’s ever-evolving corporate landscape, company culture has long been dismissed as a soft and secondary aspect of business, often overshadowed by the more tangible metrics such as profit and loss. However, the post-covid world has brought about a profound shift in thinking, prompting a reevaluation of these conventional notions. We have come to realise that what was once considered a mere afterthought is, in fact, a crucial element that significantly impacts an organisation’s success. The belief that there is a ‘one size fits all’ approach is slowly losing its sheen, making room for a more enlightened perspective—one that champions flexibility and places trust in our employees’ agency.

At The Yarn Bazaar, we recognise the immense value of a nurturing company culture, where employees are encouraged to thrive and discover their own unique paths to success. Our progressive policies actively foster an environment that cherishes individuality, unlocks creativity, and empowers every team member to unleash their full potential without the constraints of excessive conformity.

For starters, we believe that creating a positive and welcoming first impression for new employees is crucial. That’s why, unlike most companies, we schedule the first day of work on Saturdays instead of Mondays. We want our newcomers to have the weekend to reflect on their initial experience and to share their excitement with their loved ones at a company-sponsored dinner on the same day.

To help new employees quickly bond with their colleagues, our HR department has a thoughtful tradition in place. On their first day, each new team member receives a box of chocolates, which they distribute while introducing themselves to the rest of the office! This sweet gesture not only fosters connections but also sets the stage for a warm and inclusive work atmosphere.

To further strengthen our team’s camaraderie and build a robust company culture, we organise regular game nights featuring sports like football and badminton. Additionally, our weekly tribe sessions offer opportunities to engage in insightful discussions on compelling case studies and other educational topics, fostering continuous learning and growth. And to tackle the dreaded “Monday Blues,” we host fortnightly movie mornings, ensuring our team starts their week with high energy and motivation. Recently, we screened the inspiring movie ‘Air’ on Netflix, which tells the story of Nike’s partnership with the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. Also, we try to ensure that team bonding isn’t just limited to the office; we recently organised an overnight camping trip where we played various team sports and games like paintball and cricket.

During office hours, we encourage the team to eat lunch together, promoting a sense of unity and encouraging cross-team interactions. We even have spontaneous jam sessions that bring out the hidden musical talents among us, making our workplace vibrant and enjoyable.

Most importantly, flexibility is at the core of our work environment. Employees have the freedom to clock in and out at their convenience, as long as they fulfil their daily working hours. Our flexible work hours are complemented by a one-hour lunch break, providing ample time for relaxation and rejuvenation.  We also have other features in our office such as a state-of-the-art, fully automatic full-body massage chair to ease muscle tension and provide relaxation during work hours.

When it comes to work-life balance, we offer work-from-home each month, ensuring our team members can balance personal and professional commitments effectively. More importantly, we also understand the importance of taking care of our team’s well-being. That’s why we have an excellent leave policy, fully paid maternity leave and paternity leave. Employees can carry forward or even encash their unutilised leaves, encouraging them to take much-needed breaks when required.

Finally, we believe in recognising and rewarding our team’s dedication and commitment. To align our employees’ interests with the company’s success, we offer ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) to all team members, giving them a stake in the organisation’s growth.

Overall, our commitment to fostering a positive and empowering company culture extends beyond words to tangible actions that nurture our team members’ well-being and inspire them to reach their fullest potential.

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