July 16, 2024

Datatex ERP Solution For Bangladesh Textile & Apparel Sector

Datatex unveiled its ERP Software Suit designed for the Bangladeshi textile and apparel sector at a seminar organised by Datatex.

“Bangladesh is a potential and key market for ERP systems and is very important to record data and analysis for the growth of the textile and garment sector,” Datatex CMO Maurizio Desio said.

“Dynamic industrial data software like that of Datatex is essential for improving productivity, estimating costs, managing supply chains, and adopting new technologies,” he added.

He expressed Datatex’s commitment to becoming a leading technology partner for the Bangladesh textile and apparel industry by enhancing production efficiency.

“It is very important to have an effective ERP system to streamline operations, reduce production costs, and meet delivery deadlines,” Rahul Mahajan, Head of Sales and Marketing APAC at Datatex also said.

He emphasised this considering the intricate processes involved from spinning to packaging.

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