December 4, 2023

DGTR’s Anti-Dumping Duty Decision Threatens Jobs Of 50,000 Weavers In Surat

A looming decision by the Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) to impose anti-dumping duty on viscose rayon filament yarn imported from China has sent shockwaves through Surat’s textile industry. This pivotal move, aimed at safeguarding domestic interests, could result in over 50,000 weavers being forced out of their jobs, leaving a vast number of migrant workers unemployed in the city.

Surat, often referred to as the largest hub for man-made fabric (MMF) production in the country, is now grappling with the potential consequences of this decision. The city’s textile industry, renowned for its vibrant powerloom sector, finds itself facing a daunting challenge — the scarcity of high-quality VFY imports from China.

The proposed imposition of anti-dumping duty has triggered concerns among industry leaders, who warn that this move could deal a severe blow to the livelihoods of weavers and the overall textile ecosystem in Surat. As the city’s textile sector navigates through these turbulent times, the fate of thousands of migrant workers hangs in the balance.

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