April 20, 2024

Easiway Unveils Revolutionary Textile Screen Cleaning Technology

Easiway Systems, a developer of textile screen cleaning technology, unveiled its latest breakthrough – Easisolv 401N Squeegee and Floodbar Wash.

“This product sets a new standard in cleaning solutions, featuring a first-of-its-kind formula that does not swell squeegee rubber, ensuring extended equipment life and consistent printing quality,” Easiway said.

Engineered specifically for automated cleaning equipment, 401N streamlines operations while effectively removing ink from suspension, simplifying cleaning and recirculation processes.

Its versatile formula dissolves plastisolv, solvent, and UV inks, adhering to strict quality standards and restricted substances lists, including those of industry giants like Nike, Gildan, and Adidas.

“401N represents a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and excellence,” Easiway Systems COO Sara Broghamer said.

“We believe that this product will redefine industry standards and empower screen printers to achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency, performance, and sustainability,” she added

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