December 6, 2023

EcoVadis Gold Awarded To Sarex Overseas For Exceptional CSR Performance

Sarex Overseas, a leading company in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, has been awarded the prestigious EcoVadis Gold Certificate. This certification, granted by the independent CSR assessment platform EcoVadis, recognizes Sarex Overseas’ outstanding performance in the areas of environmental responsibility, social affairs, sustainable procurement and ethics.

Sarex Overseas has demonstrated a strong commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship, making significant strides in minimizing its environmental impact while upholding the highest ethical standards in its business practices. This renewed gold certification highlights the company’s unwavering dedication to sustainability and its continuous efforts to contribute positively to society.

Sarex Overseas recognition with this certification reaffirms the company’s commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world. The company remains steadfast in its mission to lead by example, demonstrating that being green is not just a certification but a core value deeply ingrained in its corporate culture.

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