July 13, 2024

Eton Systems Opens New HQ In Borås To Boost Automation

Eton Systems, part of TMAS, has moved to new premises in Borås to meet the rising demand for its automated fabric and part handling solutions. Founded in 1967, Eton Systems revolutionized production with its overhead unit production system (UPS), now enhancing productivity across industries through advanced software management.

CEO Jerker Krabbe said, “Our new Borås HQ supports sustainable, efficient European manufacturing, staying true to our roots.”

Kinnarps, a major European workspace solutions provider, benefits from Eton’s technology. At its Skillingaryd plant, lead times have halved and waste reduced, thanks to Eton’s UPS and software. Plant manager Thomas Wilsson notes, “Local production allowed us to avoid pandemic disruptions and respond quickly to changes.”

Sustainability is the key for Kinnarps. Global Range Director Jenny Hörberg emphasizes long-lasting, circular design. Global Sales Director Dan Molander adds, “We offer adaptable, ergonomic solutions for today and the future.”

TMAS Secretary General Therese Premler-Andersson praises their efforts, “Kinnarps and Eton Systems set a sustainable manufacturing blueprint for Europe.”

Eton Systems and Kinnarps are driving innovation, sustainability and local manufacturing in Europe.

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