June 17, 2024

Ginners Seek Complete Withdrawal Of QCO On Cotton Bales

At a cotton ginners association meeting, they demanded complete withdrawal of the Quality Control Order (QCO) notification on cotton bales

The Indian Cotton Ginning Traders Association informed that if the notification is implemented, it will gravely impact the industry and if it is not withdrawn completely, they will stop purchase of cotton.

The QCO on cotton bales notification was to come in to effect from November 27, 2023. But following protests, it was first extended to October 2023 and a few days back, implementation was deferred by one year.

“The ginners body also said the cotton cultivation is fully dependent on rains and in some places it rains more and in some places it rains less,” media reports stated.

“This erratic rains impact the yield as well as quality and so it is not possible to control the quality of cotton,” they added.

The ginning association also added that they also have to set up a laboratory to ensure that the cotton bales meets the QCO norms, which is an added financial burden.

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