December 4, 2023

Iconic ‘Seal Of Cotton’ Trademark Celebrates 50 Years

Cotton Incorporated is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ‘Seal of Cotton’ trademark this year, which is an iconic logo that transformed cotton from an agricultural commodity into a globally recognised symbol of natural comfort, trust, and sustainability.

The ‘Seal of Cotton’ was unveiled in 1973 as a symbol of trust, quality, sustainability and reliability to consumers, retailers, and textile brands. It was designed in 1973 by Susan Landor Keegin, daughter of Walter Landor who founded branding giant, Landor Associates.

Landor Keegin was inspired by seeing the cotton plant’s rigid stem and soft boll growing in the fields, which led her to incorporate the natural elements of cotton by having the word appear as if it were growing from the roots.

“From there, the Seal of Cotton was born, allowing for easy recognition of the fibre and differentiation from synthetic fibres,” Cotton Inc said in a press release.

Today, the Seal of Cotton is used by over 950 brands in nearly 70 countries, becoming a global symbol associated with fashion, durability, quality, and sustainability. Nearly 8 in 10 consumers have awareness for the Seal, according to Cotton Incorporated’s 2023 Seal of Cotton Consumer Research.

“This allows shoppers to make mindful purchasing decisions on a natural, sustainable fibre that’s known and trusted. Over 80 percent of consumers say that they can rely on a brand and its product when it features the Seal of Cotton, while 90 percent prefer the fabric because of its comfort and versatility,” Cotton Inc added.

“The 50th anniversary of the Seal of Cotton is a celebration of a highly-recognisable icon that brings consumers a sense of emotional and physical comfort and familiarity. We are proud that the Seal of Cotton garners more than two times the awareness of other fibre logos and is a favoured fabric,” Kim Kitchings, Sr VP, Consumer Marketing for Cotton Inc said.

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