April 22, 2024

Inviya Partners NIFT To Launch Fashion Design Competition

Inviya, which is India’s only home-grown spandex brand, has partnered 18 National Institutes of Fashion Technology (NIFTs) across India to launch ‘Inviya Emerging Fashionista (IEF)’ design competition.

“The core objective of this design competition is to synergise creativity, innovation, and sustainable fashion, harnessing the dynamic potential of Inviya spandex in fabric design,” Indorama India said in a press release.

“This partnership with premier NIFT institutions signifies Indorama’s endeavour to inspire and challenge young designers to explore endless possibilities and redefine the horizons of design,” the company added.

“We firmly believe that the fusion of innovation and design has the potential to reshape India’s textile and fashion landscape,” Shalendra Vasudeva, CMO, Indorama India said.

“By empowering young talents with the tools and knowledge to experiment with Inviya Spandex, we are confident that this competition will usher in a new era of creativity, sustainable fashion, and responsible practices,” he too added.

Overall ten students will be selected and then each participant will be distinguished by a distinct code. These participants will collaborate directly with Inviya value chain partners or renowned fabric mills.

The students will be provided with spandex-based fabrics, enabling them to craft ensembles that seamlessly integrate spandex with other textiles, such as cotton, polyester, rayon, and more.

The culmination of this competition will witness the acknowledgment of the top three winners, who will receive cash prizes.

Furthermore, the company will recognise the 10 finalists with certificates of distinction, along with a special certificate of appreciation for the finest three entries from each NIFT campus.

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