July 15, 2024

ITEMA Partners SECO To Launch Innovative Service Solutions

Italy based ITEMA Group has planned to launch an innovative as-a-service solution, developed in partnership with SECO.

ITEMA, a manufacturer of weaving solutions gave a preview of the solution at ITMA, which is aimed at introducing a set of value-added services based on artificial intelligence for textile industry.

According to a press release from SECO, in a highly competitive and high-tech sector, improving machine efficiency represents an important advantage for all the players across the value chain.

“In this perspective, the end-to-end solution imagined by ITEMA is designed to provide users with real-time suggestions on the optimal machine set-up parameters, which is a substantial innovation compared to the solutions currently available on the market, mainly based on remote monitoring of the devices’ operational status. “ SECO said.

Itemalab, an Itema Group company, which specializes in products and process innovation, will develop innovative sensing systems and advanced interconnection protocols of the weaving machine.

The aim is to extract functional parameters extensively and accurately from the ITEMA weaving machines, so that it will be possible to compare the real machine with its digital reference model elaborated from industry best practices in terms of machinery setting.

SECO will contribute to this development with its IoT, data orchestration and AI expertise and through its CLEA platform it will be possible to perform advanced inference activities to identify correlations between several data categories.

“By adopting adequate Cyber Security protocols, this information will be used to feed virtual models (digital twins) specifically developed to reproduce the optimal setting and behavior of the physical devices,” the company added.

“This will enable to return insights on the machines’ functioning and, by means of dedicated artificial intelligence algorithms, provide both user customers and ITEMA designers with valuable suggestions on improvement actions to be undertaken,” SECO concluded.

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