December 6, 2023

Karl Mayer Upgrades HKS 3-M ON Tricot Machine With New Features

Karl Mayer has upgraded its HKS 3-M ON model of Tricot machine, which has been named HKS 3-M ON PLUS. This upgrade allows net-like fabrics to be produced in a variety of densities and structures.

“These fabrics include square marquisettes and shoe fabrics, with both also realisable in coarse gauges,” the German company said in a press release.

The extended fabric spectrum increases the limits of the HKS 3-M’s range of uses, and unlocks new potential areas of applications.

According to Karl Mayer, the HKS 3-M ON PLUS is the go-to machine especially when rough, durable textiles are required.

The performance upgrade is based on specific technical adaptations, which include reinforced needles and knitting elements, and a more robust knitting motion.

The sinkers now also have more room to manoeuvre, which increases the patterning flexibility. The HKS 3-M ON PLUS offers all the features and technologies of the latest digital generation of three-bar HKS models.

These include a batching device that provides additional benefits, multispeed optimisations to avoid speed losses, and energy-data monitoring, a prototype of which was shown at ITMA 2023.

HKS 3-M ON PLUS is available in the gauges E 14 to E 28, and with working widths of 130”, 180” and 210”.

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