December 5, 2023
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Poeticgem, A PDS Subsidiary, Acquires ‘Little Mistress’ Brand IP.

PDS Limited, a global fashion solutions company, is focused on expanding its portfolio with customized offerings, including sourcing as a service and brand management. In line with its strategy of adding value-accruing solutions to its offerings, it is pleased to announce that its UK-based vertical, Poeticgem, has acquired the brand intellectual property (IP) of Little Mistress.

Under the terms of this agreement, Poeticgem will have various brands under the Little Mistress. Going forward, Poeticgem will also design, source, and distribute the Little Mistress portfolio of brands worldwide. This transaction underscores the commitment of Poeticgem to deliver high-quality fashion experiences across the fashion value chain to its global customers.

Established in 2010, Little Mistress has built a reputation as a go-to destination for occasion wear, offering hand-embellished designs and feminine details in luxurious fabrics. The fashion house creates a wide range of women’s wear, from bridesmaid dresses to casual everyday looks. Little Mistress is also well-known for creating white-label brands for high-street fashion. Mark Ashton, the CEO and Founder of Little Mistress, will join Poeticgem Group and will continue to be responsible for driving the brand under a new trading name of Moda & Beyond within the Poeticgem umbrella.

Speaking on the recent development, Pallak Seth, Executive Vice Chairman, said, “PDS has been a trusted partner to global brands and retailers for nearly 25 years. Our extensive domain knowledge, exceptional design capabilities, and technical expertise have propelled our Company to the forefront of end-to-end brand management. Poeticgem has successfully established a portfolio of collaborative and influencer-led brands, and Little Mistress would be a novel addition to this portfolio.”

Added Sanjay Jain, Group CEO, “PDS is a plug-and-play platform that is adept at creating bespoke solutions to meet the unique requirements of retailers and brands globally. We, as a Group, are expanding our portfolio of brands and brand management solutions, enabling us to drive value-accruing businesses. As we continue our journey of expanding our brand portfolio, we, as an organization, are guided by our robust and well-defined risk management framework.”

Anuj Banaik, the Managing Director of Poeticgem Group, shared his excitement about this development by saying, “We are delighted to welcome Mark Ashton and his team as they join the Poeticgem family, embarking on this thrilling journey with us, embodying a perfect match with our ethos and values. This aligns seamlessly with our overarching vision for the brand’s business, which revolves around providing exceptional and unique fashion experiences to our valued clientele.”

The agreement marks an exciting new chapter for Poeticgem and Little Mistress as they join forces to create a dynamic and innovative future.

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