December 10, 2023
Technical Textile & Nonwoven

Lenzing Shows Veocel Lyocell Dry Fibre At Hygienix 2023

To meet increasing demand among brands and consumers for plastic-free materials and ingredient transparency, Veocel, the flagship specialty nonwovens brand of Lenzing showed Lyocell Dry fibre at Hygienix 2023.

Lenzing Lyocell Dry fibre which is not classified as plastic according to EU SUPD, meets the growing interest for plastic-free nonwoven products across the industry and among consumers.

Additionally, along with being an environment-friendly solution, the fibre delivers high-performance dryness and comfort which makes it the optimum fibre choice for absorbent hygiene applications.

“The fibre has been launched as an optimal choice for brands and manufacturers looking to develop plastic free products for feminine care and personal hygiene,” the Austrian company said in a press release.

Comprised of mostly fossil-based materials, absorbent hygiene products are an essential part of many consumers’ daily lives.

Veocel’s strategic focus at this year’s Hygienix was showcasing and demonstrating the unique capabilities of its Lyocell Dry fibre, which caters to the growing needs of its partners in this segment.

Lyocell Dry is a cellulosic environment-friendly wood-based alternative to fossil-based fibres, while also offering great performance features such as liquid management, dryness, comfort, softness, and quality.

Lyocell Dry helps to meet the needs of customers who are aiming to produce plastic-free applications or end products that do not harm the planet without compromising on performance or comfort.

The fibre has consistently been tested by Lenzing and is the softest fibre among cellulosic fibres in both dry and wet stages.

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