July 15, 2024

Macy’s Inc. Joins U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol For Sustainable Cotton Sourcing

Macy’s Inc. has become a member of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable cotton sourcing. The company, with over 700 store locations nationwide, is dedicated to driving positive social and environmental change within the cotton industry. As part of its sustainability efforts through the Mission Every One platform, Macy’s has released a private brand cotton policy, pledging to source 100% preferred materials in its private brand products by 2030. This commitment includes U.S. Cotton and Protocol Cotton, ensuring transparency and accountability in the supply chain.

Keelin Evans, VP Sustainability at Macy’s Inc., stated, “Our Trust Protocol membership will support and accelerate these efforts to meet our 2030 ambitions by helping us to better trace our supply chain and demonstrate the progress we’re making toward meeting our environmental targets.”

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol is a sustainable cotton programme that focuses on six key sustainability metrics and enables enrolled growers to measure the environmental impacts of their operations.

Dr Gary Adams, President of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, expressed, “Our blockchain-enabled value chain transparency will deliver Macy’s Inc. the assurance it needs to evidence its responsible sourcing practices and demonstrate progress towards environmental targets.”

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