July 13, 2024

‘Market May Be Poised For Next Phase of Development’, Says Prashant Mangukia

Yamuna Machine Works made its debut appearance at the ITM 2024 Exhibition, where it received a mixed response but promising signs of potential growth. Prashant Mangukia, the Director of Yamuna Machine Works, shared his insights on the feedback received and the trends observed during the event.

Mangukia described the response as satisfactory, considering it was the company’s first participation. “It wasn’t that great, but for a first-time participant, I would say it’s not bad as well,” he remarked. Despite not achieving overwhelming success, they managed to reach their target audience from the focus countries they had in mind before the exhibition.

The visitor footfall at Yamuna’s booth mainly comprised guests from Iran, Russia and Egypt, with local Turkish visitors also in attendance. Mangukia noted that while the response from Turkish visitors was slower, demands for their products, particularly in woven continuous washing or continuous processing machines, were significant from neighbouring countries like Iran and Russia.

When asked about the Turkish market, Mangukia emphasized the growth in the knits segment but noted a sense of consolidation in the processing industry due to geopolitical and economic factors. Despite this, Mangukia expressed optimism for future growth, indicating that the market may be poised for the next phase of development after a period of significant capacity buildup in recent years.

Regarding trends in the Indian market, Mangukia expressed satisfaction, highlighting it as their main market. “The Indian market is doing very well for us,” he said, emphasizing its supportive role in their growth story. Knits and technical textiles were identified as the sectors showing positive responses in India.

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