December 6, 2023

MoT Initiative To Provide Aadhar-Linked Pehchan Cards To Handicraft Artisans

In a significant move to empower and support handicraft artisans, the Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles (MoT), has launched a pioneering initiative to provide Aadhar-linked Pehchan cards to 31.14 lakh artisans across the country. The move aims to streamline the identification process and enable artisans to access various government schemes and financial benefits efficiently.

The Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) has welcomed this transformative step, recognizing its potential to bring substantial positive changes in the lives of artisans. With the newly introduced Pehchan cards, artisans will have access to a range of benefits and incentives, opening doors to growth and prosperity.

The Aadhar-linked Pehchan cards will not only offer identification, but also create a conducive ecosystem for artisans to thrive. By gaining better market access, artisans will have more opportunities to showcase their skills and products, both domestically and in global markets. The new system will encourage innovation, skill optimization and a deeper understanding of branding and marketing strategies.

The introduction of Pehchan cards will bring much-needed financial security and stability to the artisan community. By availing the benefits of various government schemes, artisans will be able to enhance their livelihoods and continue their invaluable contribution to the country’s cultural heritage.

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