December 4, 2023
Dyes & Chemicals

New Sustainable Archroma Cotton Fabric Processing Solution

Archroma, a producer of sustainable specialty chemicals and Somelos, a Portuguese vertically integrated textile group, have joined hands to develop a new sustainable cotton fabric processing process, with a new water-saving dyeing and finishing process that generates no wastewater.

As is well known, conventional cotton fabric dyeing and finishing requires substantial water and chemical inputs and produces a large volume of wastewater.

To address this challenge, Archroma and Somelos have now developed the New Dry Dyeing/Ox Finishing process for the production of bottoms and shirting in cotton fabrics.

Based on Archroma’s Pad-Ox dyeing process, which combines oxidation and fixation into one step, and the latest technologies for washdown effects, including ozone and laser treatments, it delivers water savings of up to 97 percent compared to conventional cotton dyeing and finishing.

The New Dry Dyeing/Ox Finishing process only uses water to prepare the dye and oxidation baths. Archroma Diresul RDT liquid pre-reduced sulfur dyes ensure easy washdown and direct fixation, with no need for pre-washing, while offering shorter processing, cleaner production and high wash fastness.

“Together, we have developed a water-saving dyeing and finishing process that not only represents a significant advance in sustainability, but that also empowers brands to protect the environment and deliver eco-friendlier products,” Umberto De Vita, Director, Denim Market Segment, Textile Effects Division, Archroma, said.

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