July 16, 2024

Packaging Sustainability Goals Becomes Easier For Brands

Supply chain data and textile specialist, Trimco Group has unveiled a new Packaging Manager module as part of their supply chain traceability platform, ProductDNA.

“Featuring automated packaging reports for multi-country EPR requirements, the new feature will relieve fashion brands from the gruelling workload of manually collecting, handling, and presenting their data to comply with new legislation,” the company said.

According to Trimco Group, keeping up and complying with the stream of new regulations on production and packaging, such as the 2022 UK Packaging Waste Regulations, is one of the key factors hindering the progress of a brand’s sustainability strategy.

Trimco Group has developed the new Packaging Manager module within their unique ProductDNA platform to respond to and support brands in this ever-changing environment, supporting the company’s already significant work within expert consulting on EPR signage.

ProductDNA features four modules, each designed to facilitate a brand’s sustainability goals.

The Certificate Manager helps brands monitor environmental and social compliance, while the Product Manager provides in-depth insights at the material level, crucial for responsible sourcing and an essential tool for validating weight-based claims.

The Digital Manager involves the use of QR codes to be more transparent to consumers and includes PaaS options, connecting with the consumer via a product’s digital ecosystem.

The fourth and latest module, the Packaging Manager, was developed in response to rising international packaging and waste regulations, increasing the urgency for brands to monitor and reach EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) objectives which aim to reduce the environmental impact of packaging waste.

The Packaging Manager focuses on EPR compliance, featuring automated packaging reports for international EPR requirements, complementing Trimco’s expertise within signage compliance advice.

The Packaging Manager helps brands capture the full details of all packaging used on their products, from material composition and certificates to recyclability and biodegradation details. This provides full visibility for the brand to manage and declare the packaging details for each of their products.

It is also a great tool to help brands understand their environmental impact baseline, enabling them to monitor and measure the effect of each packaging decision they make through their sustainability journey.

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