December 6, 2023

Pak Ginning Factories Witness Impressive Cotton Arrivals

Cotton ginning factories in Pakistan witnessed an impressive arrival of 1.42 million bales of cotton lint till July 31 in the current cotton season.

This was made possible due to a record cotton crop output and as there was not any significant pest threat to the cotton crop from any of the major cotton growing belts like Punjab and Sindh.

The Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) which released these figures said data was not collected on the same date last year due to the massive floods.

The record cotton production and impressive arrivals within just two months of the cotton season may see Pakistani cotton output total 10 million bales; a figure witnessed 12 years ago.

The data informs that Pakistani textile mills have purchased 1.28 million ginned cotton bales from ginners, while 7,500 bales have been exported and 136,000 bales are in stock with the ginning factories.

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