April 17, 2024

PHDCCI Summit Calls For Green Practices In Indian Textile Industry

Government and industry leaders gathered at the 2nd Sustainable Textiles Summit in New Delhi, where Prajakta L Verma, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Textiles, stressed the urgency of traceability, recycling, and sustainable practices in the textile sector. She emphasized the paradoxical nature of the industry as a major global employer, but also a significant environmental polluter.

Verma acknowledged the ongoing efforts to align the sector with sustainability standards and highlighted key areas for improvement. Traceability, demonstrated by initiatives like the Kasturi Cotton initiative, was emphasized as a foundational step. Public procurement was identified as crucial for enhancing visibility for upcycled and circular products. To address textile waste management, Verma proposed a dual approach of recycling and upcycling, suggesting pilot projects with support from organizations like PHDCCI.

She concluded by calling for increased awareness and compliance with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principle   s, emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between fear-driven compliance and genuine concern for workers. Verma provided insights into ongoing efforts, including an upcoming scheme focused on sustainability and circularity, targeting capacity building for MSMEs and awareness creation.

In a collaborative approach, Madhu Sudhan Bhageria, Chairman of the PHDCCI Textiles Committee, urged the Ministry of Textiles to consider PHDCCI’s recommendations. He stressed the importance of financial support and tax initiatives for sustainability, advocating for dedicated R&D grants and the enforcement of eco-friendly practices.

Dr (Prof.) Abhijit Majumdar from IIT Delhi highlighted the immense scale of the textile industry, responsible for 8% of the world’s greenhouse gases. He recommended a triple-helix approach, outlining strategies for the textile and clothing Industry, academia and government. Dr Abhijit called for long-term R&D funding for automatic sorting and recycling technologies.

During the session, other speakers presented insights and the summit received sponsorship from Oerlikon, Ecocert and Filatex India. Fairtrade & CSM served as the Delegate Kit Partner, and the event garnered support from industry associations. The summit aimed to drive sustainability in the Indian textile industry, with Verma seeking collaboration from PHDCCI to navigate challenges. The day-long event witnessed about 25 speakers and over 250 delegates, highlighting the industry’s commitment to a sustainable future.

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