PicConnect’s New Features To Boost Weaving Efficiency

Picanol has unveiled a suite of new features in its online platform PicConnect to enhance weaving efficiency and ensure high-quality output

Picanol has enriched the user experience by integrating machine manuals and tutorial videos into the PicConnect platform. Whether operating the latest machine platforms or older models, users will find all relevant documentation readily available. Additionally, short tutorial videos offer clear, step-by-step guidance on utilizing PicConnect features, making it easier than ever to maximize the platform’s capabilities.

PicConnect allows users to store all style-related information in one centralized location. This includes master settings customized by machine model, width and other parameters. This feature facilitates quick implementation of style changes, streamlining production processes. Setting alerts ensures machines weave according to precise specifications, leading to improved product quality.

PicConnect revolutionizes how users handle machine stops by providing detailed information and analytics. This powerful feature offers a deeper understanding of the reasons behind machine stops, enabling users to pinpoint underlying issues accurately. Armed with this knowledge, users can take well-informed actions that are efficient and targeted at root causes, reducing downtimes and boosting overall productivity.

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