Wrangler Expands Denim Upcycling Efforts Through New Partnerships

In honour of Earth Month, Wrangler, the iconic denim brand with 77 years of history, has announced new partnerships to promote circular production practices and reduce denim waste. Through collaborations with Beyond Retro, Accelerating Circularity and the Texas Playboys baseball club, Wrangler reinforces its commitment to sustainability by giving new life to old denim and embracing innovative approaches to waste reduction.

“At Wrangler, we have been committed to taking the reins on sustainability throughout our 77-year heritage, especially through our dedication to durability and longevity, as denim lovers can wear their Wranglers for years on end,” said Vivian Rivetti, Vice President of Global Design at Wrangler.

“Working hand-in-hand with organizations like Beyond Retro, Accelerating Circularity and the Texas Playboys gives us the opportunity to showcase the potential of upcycling within the fashion industry. On Earth Day and every day, we are focused on creating a better future through meaningful partnerships and purposeful design practices.” she added.

Key initiatives include:

Wrangler Reborn Collection with Beyond Retro: Wrangler will reimagine its timeless styles using discarded denim in collaboration with Beyond Retro, known for vintage and circular design. This collection, including classic pieces like the Greensboro Straight Leg Jean and Icon Jacket, breathes new life into old jeans, contributing to sustainable fashion practices.

Accelerating Circularity Project: Wrangler joins forces with Accelerating Circularity to develop a new 5-pocket jean style from upcycled denim, exclusively available at This initiative aims to catalyze circular supply chains and divert used textiles from landfills, demonstrating Wrangler’s commitment to sustainable innovation.

Partnership with the Texas Playboys Baseball Club: Wrangler collaborates with the Texas Playboys to create a unique shade structure from repurposed scrap denim and cardboard tubes. Following the success of designing upcycled uniforms for the team in 2023, Wrangler continues to champion sustainable design and community engagement.

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