December 5, 2023

Prashant Celebrates Sale of 1,000 Warping Machines In Surat

Ahmedabad based Prashant Group, which offers textile technologies in the segment of weaving preparatory and logistics, organised a ‘Customers Meet’ at Surat to celebrate sales of 1,000 High Speed Sectional Warping Machines in Surat.

This customer meet was attended by over 700 entrepreneurs from the Surat textile industry, who have purchased Prashant weaving preparation machines in the past several years.

Prakash Group Chairman Prakash Shah and its directors Apurva Kapadia and Amoli Shah, along with their technical and the marketing team were present at the meet.

A presentation of its technologies was shown to attendees which included Techtronic for Technical Textiles Sector and Robowarp, which is an ideal solution for sample to medium production in yarn-dyed shirting for cotton, P/V and P/W suitings and furnishings.

The presentation also dwelt on the innovative Nitro technology offering ecological and green solutions in Indigo Dyeing, as well as on High-Speed Polyester and Viscose Filament Sizing machines

The company also showed a presentation on its Warp Printing technology with Loom Printer for the filament industry.

Since its inception in 1975, the group has rapidly expanded its footprint all over the globe by becoming a one stop solution provider in weaving preparation and logistics with a strong commitment to excellence.

The Prashant Group has various divisions which include Prashant Gamatex, which is a supplier of High Speed Sectional Warping machine, Warping Creel, Single End Sizing machine. This group company is a supplier of complete narrow fabric machinery solutions.

Prashant West Point is a supplier of Sizing machine, warping machine, warping creel like V creel and H creel, Denim preparation machinery like ball warper and rebeamer, indigo dyeing machine, Polybeamer for PP and HDPE tapes and unrolling creel.

Prashant Ferber is a supplier of manual and motorised warp beam handling system, computerised automatic beam storage and fabric roll storage, inspection and packaging systems.

In a press release, Prashant said it has built its reputation on several strong values like innovation, quality, automation, and service, with the key to its accomplishments being a passion for exceeding customer expectations.

Prashant Group has continued to expand its product range since inception by supplying a product range to suit changing requirements of the natural and man-made fibre as well as the filament sector.

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