December 6, 2023

Prismx Global Ventures Secures Rs 85 Crore Textile Order From France

Prismx Global Ventures Ltd, a renowned textile trading company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), has made headlines by securing a substantial textile order from France, reaffirming its industry leadership.

The company secured order valued at a remarkable Rs 85 crore. This achievement not only showcases the company’s prowess in winning substantial international contracts but also underscores its reputation for delivering top-notch textile products.

This textile order from France underscores Prismx Global Ventures Ltd’s extensive history and expertise in the textile trading industry. With over five decades of operation, the company has cultivated a robust network of suppliers and buyers, enabling it to provide a diverse array of textile products, encompassing fabrics, yarns and garments. This latest order further cements Prismx Global Ventures Ltd’s position as the foremost player in India’s textile trading sector.

With its stock currently trading at Rs 1.96 per share, both fundamental experts and technical analysts are eyeing its potential for remarkable growth. Prismx Global Ventures Ltd is on the verge of expanding its horizons, promising substantial value for shareholders.

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