July 16, 2024
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Pure Parima Expands Luxury Line With Egyptian Cotton Towels And Bathrobes

Pure Parima, a top online bedding supplier known for its 100% certified Egyptian cotton sheets, is expanding its product range. The company has introduced a new collection of Egyptian cotton towels and bathrobes. The New Jersey-based company is renowned for its commitment to transparency and quality.

Turab Hassan, the company’s SEO manager, stated, “Pure Parima believes in providing customers with the truth about their bedding. All our products, from sheets to towels, proudly carry the Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval. This means our customers can trust that their purchases feature hand-picked, long-staple Egyptian cotton from the Nile River Valley, with no substitutes.”

To cater to evolving customer needs, Pure Parima now offers 100% certified Egyptian cotton towels. These towels are exceptionally soft, creamy white, and adorned with an embroidered logo. They are crafted using extra-long staple cotton fibres on air jet dobby looms and have an impressive GSM of 800, ensuring both comfort and absorbency.

Hassan emphasized the importance of high-quality towels, saying, “Just like sheets, towels are in constant contact with our skin. Rough, thin, or uncomfortable towels can lead to skin issues and hair breakage. By choosing the best Egyptian cotton, you can ensure your health and comfort.”

Pure Parima’s Egyptian cotton bath products include bath towels (30″ x 56″), bath sheets (40″ x 70″), hand towels (20″ x 30″), and washcloths (12″ x 12″). These offerings provide customers with a variety of luxurious options for their bath and shower needs.

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