July 16, 2024

Retech To Show Innovations Under “Blue Thread” Theme At ITMA

Switzerland based manufacturer of components, machines and in-process monitoring systems for the production of synthetic filaments, Retech will present several innovations under the “Blue Thread” theme at ITMA in Hall 1, Stand B108.

One of these are the godet rolls that have revolutionised synthetic fibre processing by providing unique designs that allow for greater control over temperature, fibre treatment and sustainability. Retech also focuses on energy efficiency when it comes to motors and heating equipment.

Moreover, Retech has equipped its godets with additional measuring elements in order to be able to react preventively to possible damage and subsequent failure.

By means of thermocouples, which are installed in the induction heater per heating zone, the temperature of the induction coil can be measured and monitored. The operator now has the possibility to determine the cause of the increased temperature and to eliminate it.

According to Retech, it is essential to monitor the bearing temperature and to detect and delay an approaching bearing damage at an early stage until the bearings can be replaced as a precaution during planned maintenance work.

Retech now offers comprehensive bearing failure prevention and monitoring, which represents a great added value for the operators.

If excessive vibrations can be detected and indicated in a bearing, this would be a considerable added value for operators. At the stator, the vibrations are measured and evaluated via the temperature controller and excessive vibrations are immediately communicated to the operator.

“These new possibilities for extending the service life of heated godets are a milestone and a significant contribution to sustainability and reduction of the CO2 footprint,” the company said.

Retech will also be presenting other innovative products from its range like the yarn tension sensors and air-bearing separator rolls.

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