April 20, 2024

Rieter’s Autoconer X6 – The Right Choice For Wool Yarns

Winding and processing wool yarns and blends are additional strengths of the winding machine Autoconer X6. The machine offers the right functions for best package build-up for this demanding raw material. Due to its unique and special characteristics like good moisture absorption and very low weight, wool is increasingly being used in functional and technical applications.

Customers in more than 50 countries rely on the winding machine Autoconer for wool applications. The Autoconer was the first winder with an integrated Thermosplicer designed specifically for wool fibres. Wool yarns existed long before the first spinning machine was invented. Although wool fibres account for less than 5% in global fibre consumption, they are becoming increasingly popular for home and technical textiles as well as for functional applications, such as seat covers, interiors, carpets or outdoor clothing. This is because of their unique characteristics like high wearing comfort, breathability, low weight, low flammability and natural elasticity. The winding machine Autoconer offers the right functions for best package build-up for this demanding raw material.

Typical raw material compositions for wool applications are blends of wool, acryl, cashmere or combinations with elastane filaments. They can be carded, combed, worsted, semi-worsted, single or plied yarn or mule spun cops and from fine to coarse yarn counts.

“For us, the Autoconer is the benchmark for winding machines in the wool yarn spinning sector and, therefore, the first choice for us as the market leader. Its Thermosplicer is the most proven system for excellent splice joints on the market. New features for higher package quality were developed with each machine generation, for example, Autotense FX, Preci FX, Ecopack FX. This enabled us to continuously improve our product quality. It is a reliable partnership at the highest technical and technological level,” said Jürgen Schönberger, Vice General Manager, Südwollegroup China.

Thermosplicer – Proven and effective for wool
The Autoconer was the first winding machine with an integrated Thermosplicer, using the special thermoplastic characteristics of wool and synthetic fibres (such as acryl) as basis for excellent splice results (Fig. 1). The central setting of the splice air temperature, and thus ability to optimally adapt to the different temperature behaviour of the various fibres and blends, is the requirement for high reproducibility and quality of the splice joints. Thanks to two independent heating systems – prism heating and air splice heating – the correct pre-selected temperature is always used in the splice process, regardless of the number of splice cycles. Switching off the heating systems makes it possible to run the Thermosplicer as a standard splicer. The use of the quick-change-unit makes it incredibly easy to switch between S-twisted and Z-twisted yarn applications without having to dismantle the splicer head. The rapid cooling function for the heating cartridge is a small but important point for operator safety in handling.

Fig. 2 Excellent 3” packages for twisting with Preci FX

Excellent package quality for high downstream efficiency
Process-optimized packages are a key point for the Autoconer and also for the processing of wool. Thanks to an individual, software-controlled package build-up, the yarn traversing system Preci FX supplies package formats optimally and flexibly adapted to the requirements of the respective downstream processing at the touch of a button. The round edge design for dye packages is groundbreaking for excellent quality in dyeing. It can be switched easily between packages with traverses of 3”, 4” or 6”, using only an adapter, to offer the right format for twisting packages flexibly (Fig. 2). Various functions help to prevent the package flanks from bulging-out when winding elastic materials such as wool or wool/elastane yarns: Autotense FX, Variotense FX, Propack FX and Variopack FX. They ensure a package build-up with straight package flanks for easy handling and creeling in downstream processing (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3: Superb package with straight flanks (right) thanks to Variopack FX

Highest flexibility, reliability and raw material yield
Automation with the Autoconer X6 is not only effective and highly flexible, but it also ensures maximum process reliability. RFID-technology with complete material tracking is the standard. Depending on the type of winder, different quality monitoring systems are available to ensure high-quality yarns. The new Color Check additionally monitors the correct allocation of cop and Smarttray to avoid material and lot mix-up. This guarantee is essential for demanding wool yarn processing to prevent quality loss and waste of valuable yarns.

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