April 17, 2024

CmiA And Avon Join Forces For Sustainable Cotton Initiative

Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) is celebrating its inaugural partnership in the cosmetics industry, joining forces with Avon, a subsidiary of Brazil-based Natura & Co, a leading global cosmetics conglomerate. Committed to enhancing sustainability across its supply chains, Avon pledges to incorporate more renewable materials and minimize its products’ environmental impact. This collaboration signifies a significant stride towards cotton sustainability for Avon.

Natalie Deacon, Avon’s global sustainability head, emphasized the company’s dedication to utilizing sustainably sourced raw materials. Avon aims to achieve cotton traceability by 2025 and certification by 2030. Partnering with CmiA aligns with this objective, contributing to a better world for women, who play a crucial role in CmiA’s African initiatives.

CmiA’s standards prioritize gender equality and women’s empowerment, ensuring equitable resource distribution, employment conditions and opportunities at farm and ginnery levels. Tina Stridde, Managing Director of the Aid by Trade Foundation, lauds Avon’s entry into the partnership, facilitating expanded training and climate resilience projects for African small-scale farmers.

Avon, as a new purchaser of CmiA-certified cotton, benefits from the Hard Identity Preserved (HIP) system, guaranteeing transparency and traceability throughout the textile value chain. CmiA cotton boasts a smaller environmental footprint, produced without irrigation or genetically modified seeds. Revenue from CmiA cotton sales supports small-scale farmers, including women, through training and biodiversity initiatives.

Beyond environmental sustainability, CmiA champions human rights and gender equality, enhancing living conditions for small-scale farming families.

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