December 4, 2023

Piyush Goyal Launches Website Of Kasturi Cotton Bharat Brand

Minister of Textiles Piyush Goyal launched the website of website of Kasturi Cotton Bharat. Kasturi Cotton is a cotton brand launched by the Ministry of Textiles and Cotton Corporation of India (CCI).

This website will provide necessary information and updates on this initiative and highlights the registration process for ginners to produce Kasturi Cotton Bharat and outlines its process.

Kasturi Cotton Bharat works on the principle of self-regulation by owning complete responsibility of branding, traceability and certification of Indian cotton.

This initiative is expected to enhance competitiveness of Indian cotton in the global market and create a sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

Earlier, on the eve of World Cotton Day on October 7, the Ministry of Textiles announced the Kasturi Cotton Bharat brand which has been endowed with a brand and a logo that represents whiteness, softness, purity, lustre and Indianness.

Earlier in December 2022, an MoU was signed between CCI and TEXPROCIL on behalf of the textile industry for a mission-mode approach in positioning of Kasturi Cotton Bharat brand.

All the ginners in the country have been empowered to produce Kasturi Cotton Bharat brand as per stipulated protocol.

Besides this, to provide complete traceability of Kasturi Cotton Bharat across the supply chain, QR based certification technology will be used at each stage of the processing and a blockchain based software platform will provide end to end traceability and transaction certificate.

Speaking on the occasion, Piyush Goyal said “With the Kasturi Cotton Bharat initiative, we are not just launching a brand, we are sharing India’s rich heritage with the world.”

“In an era of global competition, this initiative will strategically position Indian cotton on the world map for its quality standards and commitment to best practices,” Goyal added.

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