December 5, 2023

Top Officials To Oversee Punjab Cotton Pink Bollworm Attack

Punjab has deployed senior officials following reports of Pink Bollworm infecting the standing cotton crop in the state.

Pink Bollworm has been reported from various districts like Muktsar, Bathinda, Fazilka and Mansa, which are the main cotton growing regions in the state.

And since the next 15 days are very crucial for growth of the cotton crop, those officials have been ordered to camp in those districts till August 31.

These officials will do on-site assessment of the cotton fields, enabling them to appraise the extent of the damage and provide guidance to farmers on preventative measures against this pest invasion.

These senior officials will simultaneously oversee activities of the junior officials involved in the remediation efforts.

Earlier in 2021, an infestation of pink bollworms on the standing cotton crop had caused a loss of output by around 35 percent.

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