December 4, 2023

Rieter’s ROBOspin Hikes Efficiency In Ring & Compact Spinning

Rieter’s ROBOspin is the industry’s first fully automated piecing robot for piecing yarns in ring as well as compact-spinning machines, which offers an increase in productivity as well as consistent quality during piecing.

According to Rieter, spinning mills around the world reduce their manpower requirements by 50 percent and the robot reliably reaches up to 95 percent piecing efficiency.

“The piecing robot is a response to the constant challenges of spinning mills to find dedicated operators to quickly repair ends down and thus ensure full machine performance as working in the ring spinning department is challenging due to long walking distances,” the Swiss company explained.

ROBOspin shortens the time for ends down detection and its repair as much as possible, which is the main reason for higher machine efficiency, as downtime of spinning positions while waiting for operator to repair the ends down is reduced significantly.

“This increases production and minimises raw material waste and with ROBOspin, spindle speeds can be increased, thereby boosting productivity,” Rieter informed.

Each spinning machine has one robot per side and ends down are detected by the individual spindle monitoring system ISM due to which ROBOspin travels directly to the affected spinning position.

The entire piecing cycle is fully automated from searching for the yarn end on the cop to threading into the traveler and placing the yarn behind the delivery roller.

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