December 5, 2023

Spinnova & Renewcell Develop Textile Waste-Based Fibre

Sustainable textile material company, Spinnova has partnered textile recycling company Renewcell, to develop and promote a concept to commercialise and scale textile waste-based fibre.

The collaboration is the first of its kind, where textile waste-based fibre can be spun into new fibre without harmful chemicals and the first consumer products will be available around end-2024.

“The new fibre production concept combines patented technology from both companies and advances circularity in the fashion and textile industries,” Spinnova said in a press release.

Renewcell recycles cellulosic-rich textile waste such as cotton and viscose using a patented process, which transforms textile waste into a pulp product called Circulose.

This biodegradable raw material is produced from 100 percent recycled textiles and can be used to create new fibre, and until now Circulose has been used to create only man-made cellulosic fibres.

With Spinnova’s transformative technology, the partners can turn Circulose into a new, biobased textile fibre without any harmful chemicals in the fibre spinning process.

“This is a remarkable step towards addressing the industry’s growing textile waste problem, while setting new standards for sustainable textile fibre production,” the Finnish company added.

Spinnova has already made successful trials spinning the Circulose pulp into new textile fibre and the first batches have been produced for yarn and fabric development, made with a blend of cotton and Circulose.

The companies are currently assessing options to start scaling textile-to-textile fibre production with potential partners and expect to start developing the first consumer collection.

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