December 6, 2023

Sustainably Dyed G-Star Line Uses Volcanic Rock Pigments

Denim brand G-Star Raw has introduced a new collection, which use extracted pigments from volcanic rocks and soil to infuse their garments, with appealing hues as against synthetic dyes.

The new process employs low-energy cold water dyeing methods; a process used since centuries and also significantly reduces its impact on the environment.

“The motivation for this assortment came directly from nature and this unique and environmentally friendly process derives earth pigments and uses it as a natural dye, a common historical practice,” the brand’s head of maintainability, Rebecka Sancho, said,

The collection uses a mix of 75 percent regenerative cotton and 25 percent reused cotton, which have a low natural effect.

“Together with our partners, we make sure to find the perfect balance in how much recycled cotton we use in one garment to ensure quality and durability. A responsibly made garment that only lasts one season, in the end, is not responsible at all,” Sancho added.

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