July 13, 2024

Suzano S/A Acquires 15% Stake In Lenzing Group

Lenzing Group, a leading supplier of regenerated cellulose fibers, announced a significant development: its main shareholder, B&C Group, has signed a long-term partnership with Brazilian pulp producer Suzano S/A. Under this agreement, Suzano S/A will acquire a 15 percent stake in Lenzing AG from B&C Group. Suzano, headquartered in Sao Paulo and recognized as the world’s largest pulp producer with annual sales exceeding EUR 7 billion, brings substantial industry expertise and operational capabilities to the partnership.

Lenzing’s management enthusiastically welcomes this strategic move and anticipates productive collaboration with Suzano as another core shareholder.

Stephan Sielaff, CEO of Lenzing Group, expressed his optimism about the partnership: “Lenzing and Suzano have developed a mutual respect over recent years as significant players in the global pulp market. With Suzano’s strong competencies in pulp production and operational excellence, we foresee valuable contributions to our strategic goals. The alignment of B&C Group and Suzano S/A as our core shareholders is undoubtedly advantageous for Lenzing.”

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