December 4, 2023

Tecnorama’s Dos&Dye System Resonates Among ITMA Buyers

Italy headquartered Tecnorama which launched its latest innovation, Dos&Dye 6000 Just in Time system for dyeing small batches, resonated among buyers at ITMA.

Perfectly integrated into the Dos&Dye systems for the laboratory, the high-performance Dosorama MASTER and the Dyrama 4R/1000 for dyeing yarns with a capacity of 1 kg were the major innovations presented at its booth.

Composed of a Dosorama dispensing machine and one or more robotised dyeing modules, the DOS&DYE works independently 24×7 and automatically performs the whole dye-bath process without any operator intervention and matches the features complying with Industry 4.0.

According to Tecnorama, the DOS&DYE system has been adopted by leading textile companies around the world for its accuracy, efficiency and reliability.

Tecnorama develops and produces completely automatic dyeing systems both for lab and bulk trough the combination and integration of automatic dispensing machines with special robotized dyeing machines to dye any textile material.

Tecnorama is a leader in dyeing laboratory automation thanks to its patented Dos&Dye systems that allows to obtain the exact recipe (Right First Time) to be replicated in bulk machines that drastically reduce corrections in production and re-dyeing with significant time savings and increased productivity.

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