July 16, 2024

TeraSpin’s Smart Yarn Catcher Boosts Arunachala Gounder’s Spinning Efficiency

Arunachala Gounder Textile Mills (AGTM) has multiple spinning units with a total installed capacity of 50,000+ spindles and 600 vortex air-jet spinning drums. They manufacture approximately 1500 tons of high-quality yarn, including 100% viscose ring-spun, compact, and vortex yarn, as well as 100% modal yarn, monthly. With a focus on consistent growth, they have continuously invested in new products and capacity expansion. Their product range today includes fiber, yarn, and fabrics.

Arunachala Gounder already had ring frames with auto-doffers, but to further improve their spinning productivity, they were looking for a solution that could reduce hard waste and maintenance time without any reduction in speed. After careful diligence, they decided to choose one set of spindles from the competition and another set of spindles from TeraSpin with its patented Smart Yarn Catcher (SYC) device for a comparative performance evaluation.

After a series of studies to evaluate the performance of yarn catchers, the customer was delighted to find that the TeraSpin spindles with SYC outperformed their expectations as well as the other set of spindles they had purchased.

The notable benefits of TeraSpin spindles equipped with Smart Yarn Catcher (SYC), as evident in the metrics above, are:

  • Very low start-up end breaks
  • ZERO hard waste: no residual yarn accumulation at the end of every doff, resulting in
    – Reduced cleaning labor costs
    – Reduced maintenance fatigue

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