July 16, 2024

TextileGenesis & Eon Collaborate On Digital Product Passports

TextileGenesis, a platform which ensures material traceability for the textile and garment sector has collaborated with Eon to create comprehensive Digital Product Passports (DPPs).

Eon offers product digitisation, enabling retail brands to turn products into traceable, valuable assets through the creation of Digital IDs.

“This collaboration will enable brands to create comprehensive DPPs that connect the entire material and product life cycle,” the Lectra owned company said in a press release.

“It will leverage this intelligence to optimise supply chains, provide more transparent information to customers, meet legislative demands and scale circular business models,” it added.

Digital Product Passports (DPPs) are now the top priority for fashion brands and at the heart of sweeping global legislative agenda.

The European Commission is about to adopt a Regulation on Ecodesign for Sustainable Products, which will set information requirements on sustainability aspects through a Digital Product Passport.

DPPs will require all brands selling products in Europe to provide information on the traceability and life cycle of their products through a Digital Product Passport.

DPPs aim to help consumers to identify and choose more sustainable products and accelerate downstream business models such as repair, resale and recycling.

The collaboration between TextileGenesis and EON will support the implementation of DPPs while unlocking new business capabilities for brands:

“With a DPP, products become interactive and can deliver reliable and transparent product supply chain data to customers throughout the product life cycle via an embedded data carrier,” Textile Genesis added.

“This enables brands to increase customer engagement and trust and meet expectations for transparency,” the company observed.

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