December 5, 2023

Trident Ltd Expands Sheeting Business And Hikes Power Generation Capacity

Trident Ltd has successfully expanded its sheeting business and co-gen power plant in Budhni, Madhya Pradesh, as of September 27, 2023. This expansion marks a strategic move that enhances Trident Ltd’s capabilities in both sheeting production and power generation.

Sheeting Business Capacity Boosted
Trident Ltd has substantially increased its sheeting business capacity, going from 1,20,000 metres/day to a robust 1,77,000 metres/day. This impressive boost was achieved by incorporating an additional 55,000 metres/day capacity. The expansion project, valued at Rs 170 crore, was funded through a combination of external borrowings (Rs 170 crore) and internal accruals (Rs 58 crore).

This development not only demonstrates Trident Ltd’s commitment to growth but also positions the company to cater to a broader market, meeting the increasing demand for quality sheeting products.

Co-Gen Power Plant Expansion
In tandem with its sheeting business expansion, Trident Ltd has also augmented the capacity of its co-gen power plant. The power generation capacity has surged from 49.4 MW to an impressive 65.7 MW, following the addition of 16.3 MW. This expansion, undertaken at an outlay of Rs 169 crore, was financed through a combination of external borrowings (Rs 120 crore) and internal accruals (Rs 49 crore).

This power plant expansion solidifies Trident Ltd’s position as a key player in the energy sector, contributing to the region’s power needs and sustainability goals.

The successful completion of these expansion projects underscores Trident Ltd’s dedication to innovation, growth and its continued commitment to serving its customers and stakeholders. These investments not only expand the company’s capabilities but also align with its vision of being at the forefront of industry excellence.

Trident Ltd remains poised for a promising future, as it leverages its enhanced capacities to drive success in both the sheeting business and power generation sectors.

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