December 7, 2023

UK Garment Imports Drop 30.62% In September 2023

UK’s garment imports totaled £1.44 billion in September 2023, dropping by a massive 30.62 percent compared to the same month in the previous year

Again in September 2023, textile fabric imports also declined to £457 million, down 13.93 percent from a year ago month.

The clothing retail market in UK has faced several challenges over the past years mainly arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain issues, and more recently, inflation and rising energy and sourcing costs.

In 2022, the revenue of the clothing retail market in the UK was estimated to be around £58.5 billion, slightly less than in the earlier year.

Data on various segments indicated that women’s garments generated far higher revenues than the men’s and children’s clothing segments.

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