April 17, 2024
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Use Of Sustainable MMCF In Home Textiles Gets Boost In Karur

Birla Cellulose, a manufacturer of sustainable cellulose fibres held a hub-meet in Tamil Nadu’s Karur, to explain potential of sustainable manmade cellulosic fibres (MMCF) in the home textiles sector.

This meet which was attended by 175 home textile producers and exporters from the Karur textile cluster, aimed to pave the way for sustainable innovation in the industry.

Discussions centered on application of sustainable MMCF solutions in home textiles, offering a gateway to eco-friendly, high-quality products that resonate with consumer preferences for sustainability.

The event witnessed participation from value chain partners like AGT Mills, PKPN, Kumaran, and Ultimax, showing a collective commitment to drive sustainable practices across the textile ecosystem.

Guests included KG Prithvi, Vice President of Karur Textile Manufacturer Exporters Association and S. Gowrisankar, Deputy Director of the Textile Committee in the Karur cluster.

Other guests included Mr Perumal, Managing Director of South Indian Textiles, and Mr Kaliappan, Managing Director of Anboli Fabrics.

“Karur’s home textile industry welcomes Birla Cellulose’s initiative to hand hold them in adoption of MMCF,” KG Prithvi said.

“Birla Cellulose solved ambiguities about MMCF, which the members had and also provided a much confident purpose to use Birla Cellulose’s fibres into the regular product offerings as well,” he added.

“The process for incubation has begun and we look forward for more sustainable and economical substitutes for existing raw materials,” Prithvi stated.

“The elaborate presentation on Birla Cellulose’s product offerings, provided a deep insight into the possible applications of the fibres in home textiles,” Mr Kaliappan observed.

The highlight of the session was the profound interest exhibited by exporters in Birla Cellulose’s innovative products, prompting a desire to embark on trial initiatives for adoption.

Birla Celluloses’ Spunshades garnered attention due to its innovative Colour Lock Technology that prevents fabrics from fading even after multiple washes as dye pigments are embedded into the fibre.

“We are delighted and encouraged by the positive response from industry at the Karur hub-meet,” Sheerish Kumar, Senior Vice President, Business Development (Home Textiles) at Birla Cellulose said.

“Our deep discussions and eagerness to explore our products reinforce our belief in the transformative power of responsible innovation,” Kumar also added.

“Our innovative product Spunshades and other MMCF solutions are poised to redefine the home textiles landscape, and the overwhelming interest shown here is truly encouraging,” he noted.

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