December 5, 2023

Uster Quantum 4.0 Combination Of Capacitive & Optical Sensors

Uster Quantum 4.0 presents the unique combination of both capacitive and optical sensors in one and offers the best of both worlds for spinners.

“Two years after market introduction, industry feedback underlines the benefits of Uster’s new cross clearing and density detection functions,” Uster said in a press release.

Uster’s Quantum 4.0 clearers offer both capacitive and optical sensors in a concept called Smart Duo.

This innovation recognises that each sensor option has its own special functionality, so using both together brings significant advantages in quality and profitability for spinners.

The Smart Duo approach uses ‘cross clearing’, in which both capacitive and optical sensors are applied and the capacitive signal reacts on very compact yarn faults.

It offers guaranteed detection of dense thick places in the yarn, containing more fibres, as a significant mass increase.

The optical sensor records a minor diameter increase in such cases. Instead it is better at detecting voluminous, visually large occurrences in the yarn, where the capacitive sensor would record only a minor increase in mass.

For maximum benefit in detecting compact and fluffy events, both signals are added in series. The cross-clearing function uses the backup of a second clearing limit after the basic clearing parameters.

For example, a thick place which might not be identified as a fault under the capacitive clearing limits, would be rechecked under the extra optical clearing settings.

This allows the clearer to detect thick and fluffy events that are not detected by the capacitive sensor alone.

Cross clearing events, designated X, are also useful to indicate spinning conditions for housekeeping and maintenance purposes, such as fiber accumulation on roving creels or in the drafting zone.

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