December 5, 2023

Walmart And Rubi Laboratories Partner To Pioneer Sustainable Fashion

Innovative Collaboration Aims to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Transform Them Into Textiles

Walmart and Rubi Laboratories have joined forces aimed at revolutionizing sustainable fashion. The partnership seeks to harness carbon emissions from manufacturers and facilities in Walmart’s supply chain and transform them into garments with zero waste.

The idea of creating affordable clothing from carbon emissions may sound like a far-fetched dream, but Walmart and Rubi Laboratories are turning this vision into reality. Through pilot projects, the two companies will explore capturing of carbon emissions and their conversion into carbon-negative, resource-neutral textiles suitable for apparel and various materials.

Rubi Laboratories, led by founders Neeka and Leila Mashouf, drew inspiration from nature’s carbon capture process found in trees. Their revolutionary patent-pending technology mimics the way trees “eat” CO2 to produce cellulose for growth. By replicating this natural process in the lab, Rubi transforms carbon emissions into fabric, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional textiles.

Walmart’s commitment to innovation and resilience in its supplier base drives this ambitious venture. By partnering with Rubi, Walmart becomes the first company to execute both manufacturing and brand pilot agreements, further solidifying its position as a sustainability leader.

The manufacturing pilot will assess the integration of Rubi’s technology on a larger scale within Walmart’s supply chain, while also testing carbon emission capture at some of Walmart’s own facilities. The brand pilot, on the other hand, will evaluate the performance of Rubi’s fibres in prototype garments, with the goal of producing garment samples. Should the pilots succeed, a wide-ranging apparel collection could follow, offering customers both value and eco-consciousness.

Neeka Mashouf, co-founder and CEO of Rubi Labs, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing Walmart’s potential to mobilize positive impact across its diverse network of U.S. partners, thereby scaling production and fulfilling Rubi’s commitments.

Walmart’s sustainability initiatives are driven by the belief in making a positive impact everywhere the company operates, prioritizing the promotion of sustainable choices that are also affordable. The company is committed to creating a regenerative future by tackling complex challenges and fostering innovation across its supply chain.

While apparel remains the primary focus, Walmart envisions the transformative potential of this collaboration extending to various industries such as packaging, building materials, food and even the creation of new raw materials. The partners see limitless possibilities for a more sustainable and equitable future.

As the journey toward a greener tomorrow unfolds, Walmart remains dedicated to empowering customers to make eco-friendly choices without compromising on value and price. With Rubi Laboratories’ cutting-edge technology and Walmart’s far-reaching influence, the partnership seeks to revolutionize the fashion industry and make lasting positive change.

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