July 16, 2024

Chinese Imports Of Spandex Skyrocket 85.6% In 2023

Imports of spandex by China in 2023 skyrocketed 85.6 percent or 22,112 tons over the previous year to 47,900 tons.

According to statistical data from China Customs, the average spandex import price stood at $5.36 per kg in 2023, which is a fall of $3.36 per kg over 2022.

Imports from just four countries totaled 97.5 percent of overall all spandex imports by China.

Of these, imports from Vietnam surged by a significant 173 percent year on year and grew to 36,600 tons and accounted for an import share of 80 percent.

Imports from Singapore touched 4,333 tons in the previous year, and thereby posted a marginal growth 3.1 percent, while those from Japan rose 12.3 percent to reach 2,637 tons.

In the year under review, spandex imports South Korea fell to 3,072 tons, a decline of 20 percent from a year period.

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