December 6, 2023

Geek+ and Adidas Open Advanced Automated Distribution Centre In Suzhou, China

Geek+, a global leader in logistics mobile robots, and Adidas, a leading sportswear brand, have opened their cutting-edge automated distribution centre in Suzhou, China, a significant achievement in their partnership.

This fully automated distribution centre spans 139,000 square metres, setting new industry standards for speed and flexibility in warehousing logistics. It boasts a daily processing capacity of over one million items and can store up to ten million pieces of apparel and footwear.

Geek+’s logistics robot solution has successfully addressed various challenges in Adidas’ logistics and warehousing operations. It includes item location detection customizations to enhance operational safety and facilitate human-robot collaboration. The solution also optimizes robot handling efficiency through intelligent scheduling, improving overall efficiency and the employee work experience.

Harm Ohlmeyer, Global Chief Financial Officer of Adidas, highlighted the centre’s significance in ramping up supply chain responsiveness, operational efficiency and consumer experience, providing valuable insights for Adidas’ global expansion.

Yong Zheng, Founder and CEO of Geek+, expressed delight in supporting Adidas in enhancing warehouse logistics flexibility and consumer experience. The partnership between Adidas and Geek+ marks a crucial industry innovation and a significant milestone.

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