December 4, 2023

Incas Integrates Retelit’s Just Mes Platform

Italian company Incas Ssi Schaefer which specialises in design and implementation of complete and integrated solutions, has partnered with Retelit for its Just Mes platform, for the digital factory of its existing textile customers, who currently use Incas’ Antara Textile module.

According to Incas, companies which currently use the Antara Tessitura weaving monitoring system, Retelit’s Just Mes opens the doors to Industry 4.0, bringing significant business advantages through evolution in IoT, Machine Learning and Analytics.

Just Mes is a platform that allows production machinery to connect to other departments, a set of software solutions that facilitate production management and control thanks to digitalisation in all processes.

Its functionalities enable new product development, production planning and monitoring and control of production cycles. Its constituent modules can be configured and personalised, and are adaptable to the complexity and variety of the processes used throughout the manufacturing sector.

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