July 13, 2024

ITMF & IAF Convention 2024 To Be Held In Samarkand, Uzbekistan

The International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) and the International Apparel Federation (IAF) are set to host their annual convention in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, from September 8th to 10th, 2024. This prestigious event promises a comprehensive programme that will highlight the latest developments shaping the textile-apparel industrial complex.

Experts from across the industry will present cutting-edge insights, providing a full supply chain perspective—an advantage of the unique collaboration between ITMF and IAF. In today’s interconnected industry landscape, such collaboration is crucial to tackling the myriad challenges faced by the sector.

A key session will feature Inditex, Epic Group and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), showcasing collaborative approaches to decarbonization. This session underscores the industry’s commitment to achieving substantial environmental progress through supply chain integration.

Regulation in the apparel and textile sectors will be another focal point, with representatives from the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), China National Textile & Apparel Council (CNTAC), European Textile & Apparel Industry Federation (EURATEX) and Japan Textile Federation (JTF) discussing upcoming regulatory frameworks in their respective regions.

Topics such as fibre innovations, digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI) will also be explored in depth during the convention. Set in Samarkand, Uzbekistan—an emerging hub in the global textile and apparel industry—the event is expected to draw leaders from around the world, making it a pivotal gathering for industry professionals.

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