July 13, 2024

Kyocera To Launch US$ 40 Million Venture Capital Fund For Innovation

Kyocera Corporation is set to launch the “Kyocera Ventures Innovation Fund-I,” a corporate venture capital fund of approximately US$ 40 million, on April 1, 2024, aimed at supporting new businesses.

With a longstanding commitment to supporting startups through direct investment and collaboration, Kyocera leverages its unique technologies to fuel research and development and nurture emerging enterprises. The establishment of this new fund underscores Kyocera’s dedication to anticipating market shifts and driving open innovation initiatives at an accelerated pace.

The fund will primarily target investments in Japanese and Asian startups across various sectors, including environment and energy, information and communications, medical and healthcare, mobility, advanced materials, software (including AI), aerospace and defence, semiconductors and nuclear fusion. Kyocera will collaborate with VC firm Global Brain Corporation, led by CEO Yasuhiko Yurimoto, to devise venture capital strategies leveraging Global Brain’s investment platform, networks and expertise.

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