July 15, 2024
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Maryan Apparels Halts Orders From Israeli Police

Kerala’s Maryan Apparels, a company supplying uniforms to the Israeli police force, has made the decision to suspend new orders from Israel until peace is restored in the Gaza strip. The company stated that it disagrees with Israel’s bombing of civilian areas, including those housing hospitals, which has resulted in the loss of innocent lives. The company has, however, committed to fulfilling their previous agreements with the Israeli police force.

With an annual turnover ranging from Rs 50-70 crore, Maryan Apparels also exports uniforms for schools, hospital wear, fire and rescue clothing, and coats to various Middle Eastern countries. Kerala Industries Minister P Rajeev recognized the company’s global market presence, noting its previous work with international clients, including the Israeli police. Maryan Apparels, led by Thomas Olickal, is known for its commitment to high-quality standards and employs around 1,500 individuals, with a significant majority being women.

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