December 6, 2023

Marzoli Secures Recyclability Index Certification For Sustainability

Marzoli has secured the “Recyclability Index Certification” for its sustainability strategy. This certification, developed in collaboration with ACIMIT and ASSOMAC, along with Rina Consulting, signifies a major step forward in Marzoli’s sustainable journey.

One of Marzoli’s standout achievements lies in its Roving Frame, which boasts remarkable sustainability features:

  • Maximized Recyclability Potential (72%): This index quantifies the ability to separate materials from mixed waste streams. With an impressive 72% score, Marzoli’s Roving Frame excels in ensuring materials can be efficiently recycled and reused, minimizing environmental impact.
  • EoL RR – End of Life Recycling Rate (65%): This index evaluates the percentage of waste material collected, pretreated, recycled and reintegrated into the production cycle. Marzoli’s Roving Frame achieves a commendable 65% in this category, reflecting its contribution to the circular economy and reduced waste.

For Marzoli’s customers, these achievements translate into enhanced product end-of-life cycle management, a critical factor in today’s sustainability-conscious world. By choosing Marzoli’s cutting-edge technology, customers are not only investing in high-quality equipment but also playing an active role in reducing waste.

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