July 13, 2024

Vietnamese Garment Exporter’s Dividend 10 Times Of Share Price

Vietnamese apparel exporter Phan Thiet Garment Export (PTGE) is paying the 2023 dividend to its shareholders, which is 10 times above its prevailing share price.

At a recent AGM, the board of directors approved a 100 percent dividend whose payout is VND 5,000 per share as against its current market share price of VND 500.

With more than 4.9 million outstanding shares, it is estimated that PTG will have to spend nearly VND 50 billion to pay dividends.

The company has announced May 10, 2024 as the record date for shareholders who will be eligible to receive the dividend on June 13, 2024.

The clothing exporter is known for paying regular and high rates of dividend to its shareholders.

According to a financial analyst, shares of PTGE record low volumes on the stock exchange.

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